Where to stay

Isafjardarbaer has a wide range of accomodation possibilities. 


Accomodation  in Isafjordur

Hotel Isafjordur
Hotel Ísafjörður is a modern and comfortable three-star hotel in the heart of Ísafjörður, the capital of the Westfjords with 36 double rooms. All the rooms are non-smoking and have private shower, TV, minibar and other facilities. The hotel has a fully licenced restaurant with a fabulous view over the harbour where guests can enjoy a wide selection of seafood as well as other dishes.  The hotel has well equipped conference facilities for meetings and conferece.
The Westfjords are a mecca for nature-lovers. Isafjordur is a hub for tourists eager to hike, bike, kayak and go for a scenic boat tour. In winter there is a thriving cultural life in Ísafjörður with concerts and art exhibitions. The attractions of untouched nature are ever present and especially remarkable on starry winter night with the Northern Lights dancing across the sky.  There is usually plenty of snow in the ski resorts of Ísafjörður Gliding down floodlit banks is a marvellous experience. Regularly, we put special offers on our webpage.
Web site: http://www.hotelisafjordur.is/   - e-Mail: info@hotelisafjordur.is
Tel: (+354) 456-4111, Fax: (+354) 456-4767
Address: Silfurtorg 2, 400 Isafjordur
Opening hours: Open all year.


Hotel Edda
Hotel Ísafjörður, jointly with Hotel Edda, runs a summer hotel and a camping-site at the Isafjordur Junior College 1 km from the town center where Hotel Isafjordur is situated. It is a two star hotel which is open from 3rd June to August 20th 2007. Hotel Edda has 40 rooms where of 10 are newly renovaited double rooms with bath, 24 double rooms with washbasin and 6 single rooms with washbasin. All the rooms are non-smoking. Showers and toilets are found on the corridors. There is a shower for every six rooms and a toilet for every three rooms.
Sleeping-bag accommodation is available in the rooms or in classrooms.
Varied buffet breakfast. 
Camping site with access to toilet facilities in the school-house. Sitting room and breakfast service is open to campers. The camp-site is well situated in the town and convenient for individuals and smaller groups. Look for special offers on our webpage.
Web site: http://www.hoteledda.is/   - E-Mail: edda@hoteledda.is
Tel: (+354) 444 4960, Fax: (+354) 444 4961
Address: MenntaskolinnTorfnesi, 400 Ísafjordur. 
Open during summer.


Gamla gistihusid
Accomodation, breakfast, internet & computer access.  Also sleeping bag accommodations, cooking facilities.
Web site: http://www.gistihus.is/ http://www.snjor.is/gisting
e-Mail: fmg@snerpa.is
Tel: (+354) 456 4146, Fax: (+354) 456 4314
Address: Managata 5, 400 Isafjordur
Open all year.


Hótel Horn

A brand new hotel in central Ísafjörður

Austurvegur 2

400, Ísafjörður



+354 456-4111

Fax+354 456-4767

Opið : 15/4-15/9


Accomodation, sleeping bag accomodation, cooking facilities, dining hall. On rent for groups.
Web site: http://www.snjor.is/gisting/
e-Mail: kvennabrekka@simnet.is
Tel: (+354) 860 5560, (+354) 456 5560
Address: Tungudalur, 400 Isafjordur.  


Litla gistihusid
Accommodation in Isafjordur. 

Web site:guesthouselitla.is
e-Mail: guesthouselitla@gmail.com
Tel: (+354) 893 6993
Address: Sundstraeti 43, 400 Isafjordur.

(Little Guesthouse) is a homely and cozy accommodation located in the heart of old Isafjordur by the sea. We offer double rooms with made up beds and access to a fully equipped kitchen. Free wi-fi internet is also included. 

Litla Gistihusid is conveniently located within walking distance to the town center, and other local attractions. 
We welcome all those traveling to the beautiful Westfjords!

Gisting Aslaugar - Faktorshusid í Haestakaupstad
A small flat (suit) in Faktorshúsið. The suit consists of one room (living room) with two sealed-off double beds. The beds are in full length, very comfortable with real eiderdown duvets and pillows. There is also a kitchenette, small hallway and, a closet and WC.  The building dates from 1788 (part of it from ca 1830) but the suit was completely renovated in 2005. Old style with modern comforts!
The Faktorshús also offers good facilities for meetings and other gatherings on ground floor and second floor.
Web site: http://www.evesta.is/Vacation-Rentals/33785.aspx , http://www.flickr.com/photos/77372516@N00/
e-Mail: gistias@snerpa.is
Tel: (+354) 899 0742, Fax: (+354) 456 4075
Address: Faktorshusid Haestakaupstad, 400 Ísafjordur 
Opening hours: Open all year 

Húsið / Koddinn

Centrally located. Made-up beds and sleeping bag accommodation.

Hrannargata 2

400, Ísafjörður

+354 859-7855



GentleSpace Guest Apartments – Mjallargata, Fjarðarstræti and Túngata

GentleSpace is a family business operating three fully licensed self-catering apartment accommodations in midtown Isafjordur. These apartments are tastefully furnished and decorated to create a comfortable and calm environment.
Each accommodation has made-up beds, towels, a fully equipped modern kitchen, TV, DVD, Radio/CD, washing machine, soaps & detergents, free high-speed Wi-Fi, and a balcony or garden sun deck with ocean and mountain views.
Self-catering apartments are an ideal choice for couples, families, small groups and individuals who are looking for home-like living space at a fair price.

Website: www.gentlespace.is
Email: info@gentlespace.is 
: (+354) 892-9282 / 867-6657
Mjallargata 1, Fjarðarstræti 6 and Túngata 20
Open all year


Miðtún – home stay

A comfortable home-like stay in our family house in Ísafjörður, the "capital" of Westfjords. 3 private rooms, one single, one double, and a family room with a double-bed and a crib. The house is situated in the mountain hill sloap, facing the the fjord, giving a beautiful view over the harbor and the old town.

Guests have acess to a bathroom, breakfast in the morning, friendly hosts and a beutiful view in a quiet environment.

Our house is first and foremost a home where we live with our family members and our dog (a quiet and friendly Border Collie). No smoking inside. Free parking.

E-mail: midtun.gisting@gmail.com

Tlf:  +354-8923139, +354-4563139

Adress: Miðtún 16, 400 Ísafirði, Iceland.


Open all year.


Engjavegur 33

An apartment for up to 8 people.

Engjavegur 33

400, Ísafjörður

+354 693-6478



RH Apartments
Two apartments, each houses up to 6 people.

Túngata 5

400, Ísafjörður

+354 892-2118



Accomodation in Sudureyri

Fisherman hotel 
3 star hotel, breakfast, dining room. Open all year.
Web site: http://www.fisherman.is - e-Mail: fisherman@fisherman.is
Tel: (+354) 456 6666
Address: Adalgata 14, 430 Sudureyri. 
Open all year. 


Accomodation in Flateyri / Onundarfjordur area 


Ferdathjonustan Graenhofdi
Apartments for up to 6 people. Located 100m from the local swimming pool. Rented for 1 day or longer, also offering sleeping bag accomodation. 
Web site: http://www.sjavarutvegur.is/sport/graenhofdi.htm
e-Mail: jens@snerpa.is  - Tel: (+354) 456 7762, (+354) 863 7662
Address: Olafstun 7, 425 Flateyri
Open all year.


Holt is a cultural centre in Onundarfjordur is located on the south shore of Onundarfjordur, and offers accommodation as well as sleeping bag accomodation. Conference facilities. Open all year.
Web site: http://www.holt.it.is/ - e-Mail: holt@snerpa.is - Phone: (+354) 456 7611 / (+354) 456 7783
Address: Holt, 425 Flateyri.


Youth hostel offering accommodation, sleeping bag accomodation, breakfast, cooking facilities, washer and dryer, wireless internet and bicycles. There is also a camping site.  Pick-up service from Ísafjörður (20 min. drive ) or nearest scheduled bus is also offered at Korpudalur. Sea-angling and kayak trips can be arranged. Located innermost in Onundarfjorður, surrounded by high mountains, in a nice old farmhouse which has been renovated into a Hostel. Possibilities for hiking, climbing and angling in the wild nature in the area. A 15 km mountain hiking trail lies through Korpudalur and Alftafjardarheidi, an old traditional route. For birdwatchers, thousands of seabirds, sparrows, ducks and even eagles can be seen.
Web site: http://superhighway.is/travel/korpudalur  - E-Mail: korpudalur@centrum.is
Tel: (+354) 456 7808, (+354) 892 2030 -Fax: (+354) 557 3620.  
Address: Korpudalur, Onundarfirði, 425 Flateyri. 
Open 1 June - 31 Aug.

Kirkjubol í Bjarnardal
Accommodation, breakfast and access to cooking facilities. dinner on request (order in advance). Internet access, many beautiful hiking routes. A house for small gatherings and parties.
Web site: http://www.kirkjubol.is/
e-Mail: info@kirkjubol.is
Tel: (+354) 456 7679, (+354) 898 2563, Fax: (+354) 456 7679
Address: Bjarnardalur, 425 Flateyri. 
Opening during from June 8 to August 31. Other seasons upon request.


Iceland ProFishing ehf

Cottages by the seaside, suitable for up to 6 people.

Hafnarstræti 9

425, Flateyri

+354 456-6667





Old, historical and recently renovated house in Flateyri. Houses up to 10 people.

Hafnarstræti 13

425, Flateyri

+354 860-6062



Kirkjubjól í Bjarnardal

A cozy guesthouse at a beautiful location in rural Önundarfjörður. Five double rooms, with or without private facilities. Access to kitchen, TV and internet. Many beautiful hiking routes, 15 minutes’ drive to Ísafjörður.

Kirkjuból, Bjarnardalur

425, Flateyri

+354 456-7679



Accomodation in Thingeyri / Dyrafjordur area

Gistiheimilid Vera
Small apartment, accommodation, sleeping bag acc., cooking fac.
e-Mail: skuli@snerpa.is
Tel: (+354) 456 8232, (+354) 891 6832
Address: Hlidargata 22, 470 Thingeyri


Gistihusid Við fjordinn
Við Fjörðinn guesthouse in Þingeyri is in a great location for everyone who wants to explore Westfjords Excellent facilities for groups, individuals or families in flats or rooms.
New kitchen and showers. Breakfast served in gazebo. In the guesthouse we have excellent facilities for the disabled, including a specially equipped flat for people in wheelchairs.
Web site: http://www.vidfjordinn.is/ - e-Mail: vidfjordinn@vidfjordinn.is
Tel: (+354) 456 8172, (+354) 847 0285
Address: Adalstraeti 26, 470 Thingeyri. 
Open year round.

Alvidra (Farm holidays)
Accommodation, sleeping bag acc., cooking fac., coffee and dinner on request.
The guesthouse owns an apartment and a summer house. In the summerhouse as well as in the appartement the facilities are very good, including TV, living room, kitchen, bath and made up beds.
e-Mail: alvidra@snerpa.is
Tel: (+354) 456 8229, (+354) 894 7029, Fax: (+354) 456 8429
Address: Alvidra,  471 Thingeyri
Open 1.5.-30.9.


Sandafell Þingeyri 
A guesthouse in Thingeyri with 8 rooms. The restaurant serves course of the day, soups, sandwiches, coffee and cakes.
Restaurant is open every day 10:00 - 22:00
e-Mail: hotelsandafell@simnet.is
Tel: (+354) 456-1600
Address: Hafnarstræti 7, 470 Thingeyri. 



Farm-accommodation in Dýrafjörður

471, Þingeyri

+354 456-3042




Accomodation in Hornstrandir / Jokulfirdir / Snaefjallastrond area

Ferðaþjónustan Grunnavík
Sleeping bag acc., camping, cooking fac., scheduled trips from Ísafjordur.
Web site: http://www.grunnavik.it.is/
e-Mail: grunnavik@snerpa.is
Tel: (+354) 456-4664, 852-4819, Fax: (+354) 456-4664
Address: Grunnavík 
Open during summer.

Dalbær Snæfjallaströnd
Dalbær in Snæfjallaströnd offers sleeping bag accommodation, campground and refreshments.
The sleeping bag accommodation (on beds) is in two common rooms that can house around 20 people. The price pr. night is ISK 2.000. The price for camping is ISK 1.000 pr. tent (regardless of number of people).
Soup and bread is served from 11 AM until the evening. Coffee, waffles, pancakes and other traditional Icelandic pastries are also on offer.
An exhibition at the Snjafjallasetur Heritage Centre in Dalbær is open during the summer, admission fee is ISK 400.
Tel: (+354) 696 8306 , (+354) 662 4888
Address: Dalbær, Snæfjallastrond, 401 Isafjordur. 
Open during summer. 


Sleeping bag accomodation in Hornbjargsviti lighthouse, cooking fac., camping site. Campground with access to WC:
2 nights or more: 700 pr. person pr. night.
Web site: http://www.ovissuferdir.net/   - E-Mail: ovissuferdir@ovissuferdir.net
Tel: (+354) 852 5219, (+354) 892 5219, (+354) 566 6752
Address: Latravik, 510  Holmavik
Open during summer.


Ferðathjonustan Reykjarfjordur
Sleeping bag acc., summer house, camping site, swimming pool, airport. Note that Reykjarfjörður is not accessible by car, only on foot or by airplane. Open during summer.
E-Mail: reykjarf@mi.is- Tel: (+354)456-7215, (+354)853-1615, Fax: (+354)456-7215
Address: Reykjarfjordur, 401 Isafjordur .
Open during summer.

Ferðaþjónustan Mávaberg, Bolungavík
Sleeping bag acc., camping, cooking fac., washing machine, telephone, meals on request, boattrips and boat for luggage transportation.
Web site: http://www.freydis.is/
e-Mail: mavaberg@freydis.is
Tel: (+354) 456 7192, (+354) 852 8267, Fax: (+354) 456 7051
Address: Bolungavík, 510 Holmavik