Tourist Information Centre

There are two Tourist Information Centres,  the main office, which is also the Regional Tourist Information Centre for the Westfjords, is located in Isafjordur and the other one is a small Information Centre in Thingeyri.


Isafjordur Tourist Information Centre 
The Tourist Information Centre is open all year around. 
Open this summer, weekdays: 8.15-18.00, weekends: 11-14 
An information booth - “The Info-Container” - is also operated at the harbour where passengers disembark.  
The main office is located in five minutes walking distance from the harbour.  
Address: Adalstraeti 7, Isafjordur 
Tel. (+354) 450 8060. 


Thingeyri Tourist Information Centre 
Open June -  August, Weekdays: 10-18, Sat-Sun: 11-18. 
Offers general tourist information as well as crafts, coffee and internet access. 
Address: Hafnarstraeti 6, Thingeyri. 
Tel. (+354) 456 8304.